Core principles of Piprate’s platform architecture

Piprate’s platform principles guide its fundamental architecture. They include:

  • We strive to promote and adhere to and promote the FAIR data principles, which aim to maximise both the short-term potential for automated data discoverability and reuse, and the long-term value of the data.See also the Guiding Principles.
  • Data is a valuable resource; it has real, measurable value. Data management and sharing platform should provide sufficient security, accessibility and sharing capabilities.
  • Primary data owners or beneficiaries should always (subject to technical limits) have full access and, ideally, full custody of their data assets, even in an event of complete platform shutdown or extended downtime.
  • Eliminate data copies & movement. By eliminating the need for data movement, a modern data architecture reduces cost, increases “data freshness”, and optimises data agility.
  • Security and privacy are at the centre of Piprate’s platform architecture. Only authorised parties should be able to access the data available through the platform. Access minimisation should be followed at all times.