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Transforming data transfer and management for the insurance industry

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About Piprate

Piprate’s blockchain-enabled platform offers the insurance industry an entirely new way to share and manage data.

Current data sharing practise are inefficient, creating unnecessary busy-work that distracts you from the important tasks at hand. They’re insecure, leaving you and your partners vulnerable to hacks, security breaches and their attendant penalties. And once data is sent, you have no way to control what happens to it.

Piprate’s secure data transfer protocol changes all this. Using cutting-edge cryptographic and blockchain technologies, your data transfers are trusted, secure and efficient.



Retain complete data ownership, while also sharing selected data sets with trusted partners and contacts.


Establish trust in the source of the data what has happened to it.


Rest assured that sensitive information is secured from viruses, hacks and other threats by cutting-edge cryptography.


Spend less time (and money) on sending data, and more time doing business.

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