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A permanent, digital identity-centric store for your data

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Piprate offers a permanent, digital identity-centric platform to store and share data. Based on blockchain technology, Piprate allows companies and individuals to take control of their data.

For Companies

Manage your customer data securely and transparently. Reduce administrative costs, achieve GDPR compliance and increase automation. Share customer data simply, while establishing a continuous chain of trust and traceability.

For Individuals

Take control of your personal data and unlock its value. With full control over how your data is accessed and shared, you can enjoy personalised products and services without giving up your privacy.


Safe and Secure

Using powerful cryptography, Piprate is built with privacy and security at its heart.

Multiple Personas

You have many facets. So does your online identity. Control it simply and easily, all in one place.

You Own the Data

Your data belongs to you. Piprate lets you control who can use it and how it’s used.


Your personal data should be around as long as you need it. Safeguard the data you need - forever.

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