Jobs at Piprate


We are an Irish start-up building a blockchain-based platform to change the way the data is managed and shared in the insurance industry. We provide our clients with a secure, permanent, zero-knowledge data wallet to help them manage and share their data assets. We are working with established industry players to build an MVP for a secure cloud-based Exposure Management and Exchange platform.

See our data wallet explainer video here:

Our vision is to become the insurance industry standard for validating and sharing risk data. Streamlined data management will lower the barrier to entry for innovative insurance products and support regulatory data compliance standards ‘out of the box’.

Ultimately we want to change the way individuals and organisations share and use their data. Using the data wallet, clients will be able to securely share and track all their data assets, with complete confidence in provenance, access history, integrity and authenticity. The platform opens up new ways for people and businesses to interact. Individuals will be able to enjoy personalised products and services without giving up their privacy; corporates will be able to track and control the data they hold.

We are ready to expand our development team. This is an exciting time and we are looking for people who are enthusiastic and adaptable as we are a young company.

We will need talent from many areas and different levels of expertise. Our belief is that great people are vital to building a sucessful team. If you feel you can help us grow we will be delighted to talk with you.

Open positions

If you are interested in our ideas and would like to help develop them into reality, please send your CV to